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If you’re looking for the right online franchise in Portland, let us show you the best. Our proven marketing and eCommerce system is a win-win across the board. First, we solved a problem for ourselves that keeps our operating costs low while avoiding debt. Second, our service is helping our clients sell as many of their products as possible, for the lowest possible price.

The opportunity created for our investors is a franchise-style ownership position in a system that runs itself. Rather than having investors, shareholders, debt, and a monthly cost for payroll, brick-and-mortar rent and utilities, and so on, we leverage the power of the new world. So as you sit in your brick-and-mortar home with a computer and access to the internet, you have the tools you need to operate.

However, because the system runs itself, you don’t do anything. Plus, you’re the owner and split the profits with us as an affiliate. There are no bosses, employees, or jobs. It’s just people helping people buy and sell products that we don’t make, and you don’t sell. Because we’re free to grow without leveraging more debt to expand, we’re growing our supply as fast as we’re growing our demand. It’s pure market-based, economically efficient commerce. It runs like a franchise, which means you do nothing but benefit.

So, if you want an online franchise in Portland, visit our website and sign up for our free webinar. Watch as the owners interact with the affiliates and the investors. Listen to the horror stories of people with nothing to bank on and no one to save them. To them, we’re a miracle that changed their life. We’ll be happy to help you change yours.

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